Industrial and construction surface protection film suppliers who will like to have the best and finest surface protection film for their amiable customers, Adtech has the answer and the one stop solution to that.

Adtech offers a number of top quality varieties of surface protection film to keep surfaces clean and free of scratches, scuffles or in avoiding damage during remodeling, renovation, construction, painting and any other project carried out
We are also a well-known supplier of surface protection films skillfully designed to prevent abrasion, damage during the process of cycle delivery and scratching in the manufacturing process. Our surface protecting tape are designed to stand against the stress of manufacturing in processes such as cutting, bending, deep drawing and also mechanical handling effect when manufacturing and transporting goods. The quality of the good is just as good as when it was manufactured in the factory when the protection film is eventually removed.
Adtech is a surface protection film tape manufacturer for applications on car body, car bonnet, TV screen, kitchen cabinet and also carpet protection film. The feature of the surface protection film varied with respect to their model, chemical resistance and also UV light filtering characteristics. As trusted surface protection film suppliers, we provide premium grade polyethylene tapes that use an acrylic-based adhesive material.
As a surface protection film tape manufacturer, we are able to help in the customizing of varieties of polyethylene tape with our latest converting technology. Our polyethylene tape is useful for everyday use such as seaming, sealing and also in applying it for masking right from the individual to the contractor in charge of heavy duty construction.
The polyethylene tape is suitable for use in all weather, and in every condition. Either in the cold or in a warm season, on a clean or dusty surface and also on materials such as coated metals, stainless steel, aluminum composite panel, clean room, plastic/ PVC, carpets, decorative laminates, coated steels etc. we are also specialist in the design and manufacture of different protective film for any kind of surface provided by our customers once we have a template of the substrate