No contractor will like to waste time parking out floor coverings before work or cleaning up after getting his job done. With the availability of the self-adhesive protective plastic film, you can save the bulk of the preparation time by the easy application of the carpet protection film. Even with the odd spills, you can easily peel the plastic protector film off to unveil your perfectly clean, unscratched and pristine surface.

Self-adhesive protective plastic films are often used during any type of construction when renovating in order to keep the floor coverings from being soiled by builders, painters, construction workers and to keep messes away such as spilt paints, dropped plasters etc. A plastic carpet protector film is an amazing self-adhesive protective plastic film that has an incredible ability to withstand activities such as construction, painting etc. It has been tested to scale through 45 days of foot traffic in normal circumstances.

This amazing product is resistant to punctures and has a low tack adhesive layer on one side which allows you to simply unroll the plastic protector and stick it on any type of surface you use. The self-adhesive protective plastic film is made from a blend of LDPE and LLDPE which account for its maximum strength and ability to elongate. This has been seen in its stretchy characteristics so that it will be able to absorb impacts perfectly.

Another beautiful thing about the plastic carpet protector film is that it is great for entertainment in the house especially for keeping the mess way any parties and events.

Features of the self-adhesive plastic carpet protector film

  • The self-adhesive protective plastic film peels off easily and it does not leave traces of adhesive residue.
  • This protector film only can be used on a carpet
  • It is easy to apply to the carpet with the reverse roll technology
  • It provides temporary protection for your floor coverings
  • It can be used on all types of carpet and even suitable for use on wool carpets.
  • The polyethylene film is very resistant to puncture even when pressure is applied to it.
  • It is safe left down for duration of 4 – 6 weeks
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