Our wrapping films are not designed to wrap vehicles only. Nowadays, you can wrap your kitchen cabinets and appliances also. Kitchen cabinet protection film usage has become popular in protecting the new cabinets in the kitchen from scratches and dents, keeping it as intact as it came right out from the factory. They are self-adhesive and cuts freely whenever you want to apply them to the cabinets in the kitchen.

Whether as a DIY owner of homes or as a contractor adding beauty to your home or to the home of your customers should be of priority to you, the surface of your newly bought or carefully fabricated kitchen cabinet should be protected and shielded from accidental damage of any kind.

The transparent clear self-adhesive kitchen cabinet protective film is made of premium grade polyethylene film. It offers a stable strength in adhesion, with ease in its usability and it leaves no adhesive residue behind after it is being removed. These protective films were engineered to be fit for the purpose in which they are used for, they do not need to be taped before being used and they are resistant to liquid, dirt and scratches. It is very easy to install and to remove whenever you want to.

The kitchen cabinet protective films are used mainly for protection of the surface of the sections coated with aluminum, the plastic profiles, and the plastic steel door to prevent scratches and damage effectively especially when transporting it from the factory to the retailer then to the final customer and also when installing it. It is developed with the just precise adhesion level required to ensure a secured protection and a clean removal.

The kitchen cabinet adhesive polyethylene film gains strength from the surface it is adhered to, and in turn, protects it from scratch. This plastic film protection should always be in use during fabrication, shipping, delivery and installation of the kitchen cabinet to keep it looking new. It can even be left after installing the kitchen cabinet to keep it neat until the work is completed and the work area is cleared

The kitchen cabinet protective film is anti-oil, anti-leakage and resistant to moisture. It can be left in place for up to 6 weeks to protect your kitchen cabinet and it should be swept, cleaned or vacuumed just before removal to ensure the dirt does not contaminate other areas of the cabinet.