It always gets really annoying when the great style and paintings of your car bonnet get ruined by a stone, piece of stick or even fruits dropped on them when your car is parked under a tree. This can reduce the value of your car and can lead to formation of rust if not rectified on time.

No matter how you think you are patient or careful, a touch up will always be seen on your car bonnet, leaving you with the only option of getting a full respray of your car bonnet and the wings too if they are the same color.

Car bonnet protection films are always important to car enthusiast and individuals who will want to preserve their investment with the car bonnet protection. It will keep your car as good as new. Prevention they say, is better than cure. The car bonnet film protection is the utmost prevention you can get to put an end to stone chips, bug, bumps and flying debris causing damage to your car bonnet, also at only a fraction of the price that respraying will cost.

The car bonnet protection film is a sparkling clear urethane based material which is extremely tough and has a rubbery feeling, it is made to absorb impacts from stones, chippings and various road debris. The car bonnet protection film has a topcoat specially designed to give it a shiny and very flat finish which can even be rated better than some finishing of some brand’s vehicle.

This bonnet protection film is also self-healing, it makes slight scratches on the car bonnet disappear when it is applied to it and it also increases the chemical resistant effect of the car bonnet. The car bonnet protection film can be installed partially at the edge of the bonnet since the majority of the impact occurs at this place or fully installed. A full bonnet installation will definitely protect the panel more because the protection film goes into the edges of the bonnet, giving you a fresh and neatly protected car bonnet. A full installation will include the bonnet head lights, door cups, door edges and the rear bumper ledge of the car.

There are templates designed for each and every model of cars as soon as they get to the market. Enjoy a peace of mind by knowing your car bonnet protection film will fit at the first time of application with no trimming or cutting of the car film required.