Chances are that your new car might get bruised by sand, stones, salt, and harsh weather. The metal parts, plastic and clear coats of new cars are seen as of a high quality only if they are not scratched or damaged, no matter how small it is the first little scratch always hurts to the bone. Why not lay it with a car body protection tape to keep your factory finished car body intact and looking fresh?

What is it made of?

A car body protection tape is made from a very flexible acrylic urethane or polyurethane film. It is tough and clear which makes it suitable to be applied on the surface of cars.

How did people come about it?

The protection film was developed for use originally in the military during the Vietnam War. It was applied to the rotor blades of helicopter before it became widely used on cars.

What is its function?

An invisible car body protection film will excellently protect the body of your car and even minimize the risk of dust and damage in situations where your extra carefulness will fail. The car body protection tape is highly flexible and firmly adheres to the contours and curves of your car, making its installation very easy and leaving no visible trace on the car. It will protect your car against every wreckage element without tampering with the design and features of the color.


The car body protection film is designed with a technology that makes existing scratches disappear and it does not turns yellow even after a long exposure to sunlight or harsh weather. The car body protection tape is durable, UV resistant and will only require the most minimal effort to maintain.

What if I want to change it?

The car protection tape is very malleable and sturdy enough such that in the face of very sharp friction, instead of it getting scraped off, it will only reshapes, a few dimples might be noticed on the film, but the car body and paint will always remain intact. Whenever you want to remove it, it easily peels off to reveal a sparkling clean and spotless car body and paint.

Where can I apply the tape to on my car?

You can decide on applying the car protection body tape to just the vulnerable part of your car such as the bumpers and wheel arches or to cover the whole body of the vehicle.